Maika'i Copenhagen goes to Odincon ESL 2018!

Maika’i Copenhagen attended this years ESL tournament at the Odincon expo with a booth. Situated right in the middle of Hall C, right next to the signing session booth, we could not have asked for a better placing.  

So many people showed up and showed their appreciation for our products, asked questions, checked out unique features, and took pictures of their favorite gear. We loved every minute but needed some rest when we came home! We are well rested now, and back at the office doing what we do best – working with esports gear and organizations.

Situated next to the signing booth, Maika’i Copenhagen had the opportunity to be a part of the signing session with the world champions Astralis. They had amassed a queue running all the way to Hall A! hundreds of fans lined up to see their idols and get an item signed! The most popular team at the ESL tournament without question.

Maika’i Copenhagen had the opportunity to give some of our Astralis products to the players, to be signed and given to some of the fans. To see esports fans light up when given signed Maika’i Copenhagen products was so amazing!

We gave every player a dog tag and a powerbank, to give to a few chosen fans. The reaction was unbelievable! Luckily, we were there to capture the moment. Furthermore, one of the official MaiKa’i Copenhagen carry on cases was placed on the table, so it could be showcased properly.

Sunday, we put together a CSGO standoff competition with the Odincon team and Here we chose 8 players to come on stage and battle head to head for a chance to win a huge prize.

A signed and framed Astralis jersey, a signed powerbank, a signed dogtag and a hoodie and a bungee. We had so many sign ups, that our booth was filled to the brim! The event went flawlessly, and a champion was found!

The Odincon team found our brand and booth so interesting, that they interviewed our Head of Design Sebastian about our products and journey.

See you next year for another blast of an event!


Maika'i Copenhagen