Maika'i Copenhagen goes to Dreamhack Winter 2018!

Maika’i Copenhagen has just returned from a trip to Jönköping in Sweden attending our first Dreamhack convention ever. What a trip!

 We were placed in Hall C, where thousands of gamers played for three days straight! Here we got the opportunity to talk to and engage gamers from all parts of the industry and get to know more about their interests and needs as players.


The feedback we received simply blew us away! The attendees loved our product line, and even gave us fantastic input for new products and improvements. Seeing so many people touching, taking pictures and asking questions, made us from MaiKa’i Copenhagen enjoy every second of the expo.

Our Head of Design Sebastian Cann-Svärd, had the chance to meet designers and key people from all the worlds greatest brands in the gaming industry. Who knows what the future will bring from this 😊

Here he is talking with Senior marketing Manager – Maciej Wieczorek, looks like they are planning something!

 Together with Steelseries, Maika’i Copenhagen, had a big collaboration around a custom carry on case filled with loot provided by Steelseries. The activity was amazing, and as the video shows, the gamers loved what we did!

The lucky winner Palyer1, simply blew away all competition with his high score, and claimed everyone’s respect!

Our close friend and collaborator – Team Singularity, also stopped by our booth, to showcase their custom expo case we created for them. Fortnite player and Youtube Streamer Oliver “OLI” Enevoldsen, came by to shoot some footage of our booth, and stream his unboxing of his new custom MaiKa’i Copenhagen case.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this great experience and will be a part of all the new things to come in 2019!


See you at Odincon 7-8-9 of December!



Maika’i Copenhagen