Maika'i Copenhagen goes to China

Our design and production process take a lot of time and effort. To please esports players and their fans is no small task!

We at Maika’i Copenhagen choose our manufactures carefully, and only work with known companies that live up to the strict standards of our quality and the legislation in EU.

Therefore, our Head of buying & Logistics Nis Johanssen and Head of Design Sebastian Cann-Svärd flew to China to meet our collaborators and go through all our products being developed and produced.

Here they got to see and feel many of the products they have been working on for a long time for the first time! Both were very excited, but also a bit nervous, since orders had already been filled by sales.

Here we checked all our powerbanks were functional

Luckily, they saw that everything lived up to standards and expectations. Our producers had lived up to our standards and expectations. At the powerbank factory, were our signature LED powerbank is produced, they suddenly realized how big this project is! Rows and rows of powerbanks with our logo, the Astralis logo and from the teams competing in BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen were lined up and be controlled before shipping.

The biggest focus on the trip was going to several tech trade fairs, were new products are shown to companies from all over the world. This is were many ideas for new products, and patents are made. Since Sebastian is always thinking about new products to design, this was like sending a kid into a candy store!

The fairs are HUGE and takes several days to get through all the vendors there. Safe to say that Sebastian found several new products that he fell in love with and decided to implement in our product line! Already on the ride home he was scribbling in his notebook with rough designs, ideas and finished products.

For anyone that knows Sebastian, this is when he enters his rain man mode! No one can get through to him, and he simply turns off the world and starts designing. Annoying when you need him, amazing when you see what he can do with silence, a pencil, paper and a computer!

Stay tuned to see what came out of the trip….


Maika’i Copenhagen