Maika’i Copenhagen meets legends of esports

On our recent trip to Los Angeles, the motherland of esports something truly special happened.

 We were so lucky to get a chance to have a chat with Sneaky, one of the most prominent players from the Cloud9 organization. Furthermore we got to see him and his LCS team collect a win in the LCS Battle arena. Sneaky has made a name for himself not only by being a phenomenal player, but also for his CosPlay, where he always stands out. So cool that this young athlete has the confidence to just be who he want´s to be!

Sneaky is the first LOL player to qualify for 6 WORLDS in a row! His play with Ezreal and Graves is known throughout the entire League community. But most importantly, what a nice guy! Our founder Sebastian had a very cool talk with him, and he was very down to earth and approachable.

After that happened, we ran into the Danish Cloud9 player Svenskeren in the backstage area. Again a dude that was down to earth, and simply just loves to game. His organization regularly posts about his insane work and training regime, it seems as though he never takes time off!! Training hours and hours every day, leaving his teammates with a workmanship and focus only to be aspired to. His Danish is not the best anymore from living so long in the states, but he enjoyed speaking his native tongue for a while!

Sebastian meets Svenskeren

After those two encounters, we bumped into Nisqy doing an interview about the win the just collected. All the players from both teams came into the front of the arena so fans and press could meet them and get an autograph or ask questions. Really impressive the way the players make themselves approachable to the fans! No doubt this will strengthen the league, its fanbase and press relations.

Nisqy interview LCS

 We in Maika’i Copenhagen hope to catch another game soon with the champs!


 Maika’i Copenhagen