Maika’i Copenhagen goes to E3

Maika’i Copenhagen recently returned from at trip to Los Angeles where we were so fortunate to meet a lot of our friends and partners, but also attend our first E3 convention.

Maika'i Copenhagen on line to get in at E3

Many people had told us how big and cool this event is, but only when you step in you really understand the size of this BEAST!

After a long wait on the line, we were let in. There is no easy way to describe it other than HUGE! Every way you look there are people, booths, brands and something happening.

Before entering we had tried to plan out where to go and what to see, that plan fell through! It like surfing the internet, one place takes you to another, and then another..

The game developers were showing their newest coming games, has set up amazing booths with the main characters from the top games, interaction and VR so you could truly immerse into their universe! The quests mood was high, and it seemed like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Sebastian was there to get a better understanding of where gaming is going, what the key elements is, and of course if any of these new developments will have a transport element within them.

It looked like the Nintendo Switch console is being transported more and more, and several companies at E3 develops add-ons to the mini console. There were grips for playing on the go, small transport bags and other cool items.

Who knows, maybe Maika’i Copenhagen will come up with our take on this evolving element in console gaming??

 While there we also had the opportunity to meet up with our friends from Logitech, that had set up on the upper level. Really cool stuff coming out from them in the near future! Sebastian had the chance to have a good talk with Jim Hoey that also has a background in professional sports, on how the esports athletes should get the same level of equipment and care as in traditional sports.

Thank you for a great conference we will see you next year!


 Maika’i Copenhagen