BLAST Pro Series Istanbul

Maika’i Copenhagen was fortunate enough to be a premium sponsor at the BLAST Pro Series tournament in Istanbul.

This was Maika’i Copenhagen’s first live event in a CS:GO tournament, and it was AMAZING!

On the trip was one of our founders Sebastian Cann-Svärd, Our CCO - Søren Buhl, our photographer Micas Banzemer-With, and marketing director Alexander Gingold. All big fans of the CS:GO format and industry, this was a trip to remember!

Spirits were high already in the airport where the team was exited to see first hand what BLAST was all about, and to see what our global collaboration with BLAST and Astralis would mean for our young company. Safe to say, we were not disappointed!

Maika'i Copenhagen ready to fly!

Arriving at the Sheraton hotel, we quickly realized the size and scope of the event. The whole area was buzzing with excitement, and the feeling of something big was under way!

Press, players, fans and personnel from BLAST were everywhere. We had landed right in the middle of it all.

We had the pleasure of meeting the players before the tournament started to show them the finished products we had been working on. We were all so anxious to see what they thought, and if they would use them when gaming. Luckily, they were really happy with the result, and we had a great meeting.

The tournament started, and what a show! Never could we have imagined the size and magnitude of this setup. Pyrotechnics, hosts, lighting fit for a Superbowl.


The players from Astralis played magnificent and won the BLAST, no better ending for a trip that really opened our eyes to the scale of the esports industry and professionalism.

We are exited to go to the next tournament in Copenhagen!

Sincerely the Maika’i Copenhagen team